Tower of Death 死亡塔 (1981)​

Country: Hong Kong
Production Company: Golden Harvest
Language: Cantonese
Box-office: Hk $1,950,391.00

Director: Ng See-yuen
Producer: Raymond Chow
Action Director: Yuen Woo-ping

Bruce Lee, Kim Tai Chung, Hwang Jang Lee, Roy Horan, Tiger Yang Cheng-wu, Lee Hoi-sang, To Wai-wo…


  • GAME OF DEATH 2  (International title)
  • Bruce Lee – Der letzte Kampf der Todeskralle  (Germany)
  • Le Jeu de la mort 2  (France)
  • L’ultima sfida di Bruce Lee (Italy)
  • Dragen i dødens tårn (Denmark)
  • Zmajeva igra smrti II  (Yogoslavia)
  • 사망탑 (Korea)
  • 死亡の塔 (Japan)


With the financial success of Game of Death, Golden Harvest knew that there was still plenty of money to be made in the Bruce Lee name. A second film went into production that once again promoted Bruce Lee as the leading star. Although released as a sequel to Game of Death, the film has very little relation to it’s predecessor.

Director Ng See-Yuen was promised alot of unseen footage of Bruce Lee from Golden Harvest but when production began, he was only presented with a few sequences of unused footage and outakes from Enter The Dragon.

The film was pieced together using Bruce Lee’s fight double for the original Game of Death, Kim Tai-Jung, in a duel role, doubling for Bruce Lee’s character, and to also play his brother. With the lack of a substantial new footage, a decision was made to kill off Bruce Lee’s character early in the film, leaving Kim Tai-Jung to shine in his best roles.

Various edits of Tower of Death were released in other countries, including a Korean version which removed all of the Bruce Lee footage, and other versions which feature additional unseen material.

By this time, audiences had grown tired of ‘Bruceploitation’ and although the film was successful in Asia, the completed project was not what Golden Harvest producer had hoped. However, Tower of Death has gone on to became and favourite amongst fans of the genre years after it’s release.


Chin Ku (Hwang Jang Lee) is constantly challenged by fighters. As a skilled martial artist, Chin Ku defeats them with ease. So when his sudden death is announced, it comes as a shock to his best friend, Billy Lo (Bruce Lee). Determined to get to the truth, Billy goes to Japan to find Chin Ku’s step-daughter, May, to see if she can help.

Some days later he attends the funeral of Chin Ku, where he is turned away from viewing the body. At the grave site, a helicopter steals the coffin. Billy attempts to stop them taking the body but his efforts are in vain and he falls to his death.

Billy’s brother Bobby (Kim Tai-Jung) starts his own investigation that leads him to a man named Lewis (Roy Horan), a fearless and vicious fighter who has a taste for raw meat. Lewis tells Bobby of a secret temple that is rumoured to be built underground. While investigating, Bobby is attacked by a masked man. Later that night, a woman is sent to Bobby’s room to seduce and assassinate him. When she fails, one of Lewis’ lions attacks Bobby.

As the deaths start to mount up, Bobby finds his way to the secret under temple, the Tower of Death, in a showdown to find out the truth behind Chin Ku’s and his brothers death.


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Kim Tai Chung
Bruce Lee
HWang Jang Lee
Roy Horan
Roy Chiao
Lee Hoi-Sang
Tiger Yang
To Wai-Wo
Miranda Austin
Hao Li-Jen
Yuen Biao
Bai Huang-Ji
Yeung Wo
Ka Lee
Pang Yun-Cheung
Graham Ravey
Johnny Cheung Wa
Yuen Shun Yee
Corey Yuen Kwai
Benny Lai
Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
Lee Chun-Wa
Chik Ngai-Hung
Huang Ha
Chui Kin-Wa
Tam Bo
Wong Chi-Ming
Chui Fat
Pan Yung-Sheng
Chan Dik-Hak
Richard Cheung Kuen
Katou Hisashi
Ma Hon-Yuen


Director: Ng See-Yuen
Producer: Raymond Chow
Associate Producer: Richard Cheung Kuen
Action Director: Yuen Woo-Ping
Assistant Director: Choi Fai
Assistant Action Directors: Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen Kwai, Lee Hoi-Sang
Cinematographer: Leung Hey-Ming, Cheung Hoi, Danny Lee Yau-Tong, Hoh Tin-Shing
Editor: Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
Location Managers: Wang Chi-Yung (HK), Hsiao Yin-Fang (Japan),  Wong Chi-kwun (Korea)
Script Supervisors: Ting Cheuk-Lun (HK), Ho Ting-seng (JAPAN), Chan Kwok-hung (Korea)
Costume Designer
: Lo Shui-Lin
Lighting: Lam Chau
Makeup: Law Lai-Kuen
Sound Recording: Chow Shao-Lung
Sound Effects: Wang Ping
Titles: Chan Chap-Hung
MUSIC: Frankie Chan Fan-Kei
Filming Locations: Hong Kong, Japan & Korea
Film Processing: Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.

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