New Fists of Fury

The New and Upcoming Stars of Bruceploitation

A guide to Bruceploitation in the 21st century. Although the craze for producing Bruce Lee clone movies died out in the 1980’s, his image and persona continue to feature on screen and even on stage.

Below is a look at some of the actors who are keeping the genre alive. This section will continue to expand as the legend of Bruce Lee lives on…

Dragon Sek Tin-Lung

A former member of the Beijing Police Force and martial arts teacher. The star of Big Boss Untouchable, and Dragon The Master.

Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan

First came to audiences attention when he played a Bruce Lee look-alike goal keeper in Shaolin Soccer. Later went on to star as Bruce Lee in the Legend of Bruce Lee tv series, and more recently in Ip Man 3

Dragon Chen

An instructor in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Dragon Chen is Mainland China’s latest Clone of Bruce Lee. Some of his movies include “Kung Fu Fighter”, “Nunchucks” and “Jeet Kune Do”

Philip Ng Wan-lung

Star of “Birth of the Dragon” and with more than 30 acting credits to his name in Hong Kong, Philip Ng is the latest actor to portray Bruce Lee.

Aarif Lee Chi-Ting

The Chinese-Canadian actor and singer was cast to play the young Bruce Lee in Bruce Lee, My Brother. The film was produced and narrated by Bruce Lee’s real life younger brother Robert Lee.

Stephen Au

Long-time Bruce Lee admirer Stephen Au played the teenage Bruce Lee in his own short movie What Are You Gonna Do Sai Fong?, in which he also wrote and directed.

Xiao Hao-tian

Actor and singer from Mainland China, appearing on TV and now feature films including “Double Dragon” and “Bruce Mission”.

David Lee Wai-Sheung

The Hong Kong actor appeared in 2000’s “Bruce Lee in G.O.D” as Bruce Lee. The movie is inter-cut with interviews and footage from the unfinished Game of Death.

Cole Horibe

Star of David Henry Hwang’s Kung Fu, the off-broadway production that blended dance, Chinese opera, martial arts, drama and told the story of Bruce Lee’s rise to fame.

Abb Li (Abbas Alizada)

Meet Afghanistan’s ‘Bruce Lee’. The young star with big dreams shot to fame on social media after his remarkable resemblance to Bruce Lee was spotted and will soon star in his first movie, “He’s Back”.

Ryusei Imai

The second Bruce Lee clone born from social media. This 5-year old amazed Youtube viewers with his abilities to mimic the actions of Bruce Lee.

If you have any further information on any of the actors featured or if you think there is anyone missing from this section, then please get in touch.