Randy Channell Soei

11th April 2020 // Now living in Japan where he teaches Chanoyu (the tea ceremony) but back in the day, Randy Channell Soei appeared in many Hong Kong movies including the cult martial arts B-movie, DRAGON FORCE. In this exclusive interview, he shares some of his memories of his time in the industry...
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Michelle Lang

Michelle Lang is an actress, producer, and writer who most will remember for her role as Linda Lee, Bruce Lee’s wife, in the 50 episode television series “The Legend of Bruce Lee.” In this exclusive interview, Michelle discusses her time working on the show.

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Caryn White Stedman

Whilst modelling and living in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Caryn White Stedman was cast as Linda Lee, the wife of Bruce Lee in the biopic, He’s a Legend, He’s a Hero (1976)…

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Graham Ravey

Sensei Graham Ravey was born in Chesterfield, England and is a world renowned instructor of Goju Ryu Karate Do and author. He has also appeared in film and television including the 1980’s live-action series “Photon” but Bruceploitation fans will recognise him from TOWER OF DEATH (aka Game of Death 2) in which he challenges Hwang Jang Lee’s character at the start of the movie.

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Jeff Chinn

One of the world’s biggest collectors on Bruce Lee, Jeff Chinn continues to keep the spirit of Bruce Lee alive with his own museum, the Bruce Lee room…

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John Kreng

John Kreng has had a successful multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry working as an actor, stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, stand up comedian and more. He is also the author of the fight choreography: the art of non-verbal dialogue, essential reading for film makers and fight fans.
John kindly chatted with the Clones of Bruce Lee website about his thoughts and opinions on the genre, and also shared some of his favourite Bruceploitation movies.

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Glen Eaton

Remember Johnny Yu from The Last Dragon? Berry Gordon’s 1980’s cult classic is a mixture of Motown music with martial arts action that saw the debut performances of several young actors. Glen Eaton played johnny yu in the film, the sidekick to the films lead, Taimak. Glen even pulled a few Bruce Lee moves of his own and here recalls his time of working on the film.

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Mel Novak

When director Robert Clouse took over production of Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, he brought on-board an array of Hollywood talent. American character actor Mel Novak starred as the hitman ‘stick’, one of the film’s more memorable villain’s who also goes one on one with Bruce Lee double, Kim Tai Jung…

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Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison had a long career during the 1960’s and 1970’s in a variety of swashbuckling, westerns and thrillers shot primarily around Europe. Before becoming involved in the ninja cut & paste movie from IFD films and arts, Richard’s film career took him to Hong Kong were he starred as the suave playboy in Bruce Le’s challenge of the tiger. The clones of Bruce Lee website got the chance to discuss his time working on the movie.

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Kurt Mckinney

Actor Kurt Mckinney made his movie debut as Jason Stillwell in 1986 martial arts film No Retreat, No Surrender. Directed by Ng See-Yuen, it was a way to cash-in on the popularity of the Karate Kid movies and also add a little splash of Bruceploitation.
Following this role, Kurt went on to become a popular television actor before semi-retiring from the industry.

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Richard Norton

One of the few western martial artists who could keep up the fast pace of Hong Kong’s action movie choreography. By the late eighties, Richard Norton went from screen villain to leading man and continues to work in the industry.

In this interview, Richard talks about his time working on Mission Terminate, a film he made in 1987 that co-starred Bruce Le.

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Don Gordon Bell

Interview with actor and photographer Don Gordon Bell who appeared in a number of action movies during the 1980’s, mostly shot in the Philippines. Some of his early roles included two entries into Bruceploitiation. Appearing as a henchman in They Call Him Bruce Lee and Bruce’s Fist of Vengeance. In this exclusive interview he shares his memories of working on both movies.

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Sebastian Harrison

The son of Challenge of the Tiger star, Richard Harrison, Sebastian had a minor role in the movie and was kind enough to share his memories with the visitors of The Clones of Bruce Lee website

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Other Interviews

These interviews are from other sources found on the web. Some of the people interviewed here have yet to be tracked down to talk to The Clones of Bruce Lee’ website and others have sadly passed away.


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Video Interview
Back in the early 90’s, Bruce Li was interviewed for the documentary Cinema of Vengeance. 


Huang Tough – They Still Call Him Bruce… Impact’s Far East editor Mike Leeder talks to Bruce Le about his life and career… >>


Back in 2006 HKcinemagic interviewed Bruce Leung. The interview took place shortly after his return in “Kung Fu Hustle”. >>


Another interview with Bruce Leung that was conducted in 2010 during the New York Asian Film Festival >>


Paul Bramhall interviews the legendary Hwang Jang Lee for the “City on Fire” web site that took place during his UK visit. >>


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A brief video interview with Danny Lee in which he talks about acting as Bruce Lee for the Shaw Brothers studio


Mike Leeder talks to legendary producer Joseph Lai in this interview for “Forces of Geek” web site. >>


Cool Ass Cinema Present’s an interview with late Martial Arts actor & instructor, John Ladalski >>


Nanarland interviewed the late Bruce Baron for their website. It includes a lengthy chat about his life and career. >>


The director of “Fist of Fear, Touch of Death” is tracked down for an in-depth interview about making the movie >>