Fist of Fury part 2 精武門續集 (1976)

Country: Taiwan
Production company: HK Alpha Motion Picture Co.
Language: Mandarin

Director: Lee Tso-Nam
Producer: Jimmy Shaw Feng
Action Director: Gam Ming

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Lo Lieh, Tien Feng, Chan Wai-lau, Hsieh Han, James Nam Gung-Fan…


  • Chinese Connection 2
  • Tschang Fu Der Todeshammer (Germany)
  • La Fureur du tigre (France)
  • Furia sin fin (Spain)
  • Il Ritorno Di Palma D’Acciaio (Italy)
  • Pesnica srdzbe II deo  (YUGOSLAVIA)
  • Golpe de furia (Mexico)


Following the death of Chen Jun (Bruce Lee), the Ching Wu school face a difficult time with the Japanese. Since the death of Suzuki by the hands of Chen, the Japanese are determined to make the rest of the Ching Wu students and any supporters pay, and quickly establish power in Shanghai.

The new leader of the Japanese, Moto (Lo Lieh), calls a meeting of all the local martial arts school leaders and singles out the Ching Wu school as being their enemy. After branding, and even killing some of the students, the master of the Ching Wu school is left with no option but to sign over the school to the Japanese.

Since the demise of the Ching Wu school, their teacher becomes a complete mess and spends his days drunk. Just when it seems that all hope is lost for the Ching Wu school, Chen Shan (Ho Chung-Tao), the brother of Chen Jun, arrives in Shanghai to visit his brothers grave. When a group of Japanese fighters turn up and declare that the graveyard is off limits, Chen Shang proves that he is more than capable of dealing with their bullying.

Following the incident at the graveyard, Moto orders the Chinese Police Inspector to go and arrest Chen, and hand him over to him within two days. With the situation with the Japanese getting worse, Chen is begged to leave Shanghai but he refuses. It is only when the Police Inspector persuades him that it would be better for everyone that he agrees. 

However, Moto is not happy with this and sends men to kill him on board the train. Barely escaping with his life, Chen Shan realises that there is only one way to establish the Ching Wu school and free Shanghai of the Japanese rulers.


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Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li)
Lo Lieh
Tien Feng
Chan Wai-Lau
Hsieh Han
James Nam Gung-Fan
Luk Chuen
Lung Fong
Cho Kin
Yu Chung-Chiu
Lee Kwan
Sham Chin-Bo
Yip Hoi-Ching
Phillip Ko-Fei
Shih Ting-Ken
Li Chiang
Hau Pak-Wai
To Wai-Wo
Lee Fat-Yuen
Sun Lan
Wang Fei
Sun Yueh
Sit Cheung-Man
Robert Tai
Liu Yu-Pin
Wang Chi-Sheng
Lam Chung
Siu Kong-Tung
Chan Gam-Hoi
Chen Shen-Lin
Chin Tu
Ho Wai-Hung
Li Hsiao-Ming
Suen Shu-Pau
Suen San-Cheung
Chang Shu-Lin
He Ming-Hsiao
Chiang Sheng
Wang Ching-Liang
Chang Chung-Kui
Cheung Tai-Lun
Hei Ying
Hong Chian-Yong
Teng Chiang-Ying
Teng Chiang-Mei
Ma Tin


PRODUCER: Jimmy Shaw Feng
Cinematographer: Yeh Ching-Piao
Production Manager: Wong Fung
Sound Recording: Wong Ping
Editor: Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
Planning: Ting Shan-Hsi, On Sang
Music: Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

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