Enter Three Dragons

The Undisputed Kings of Bruceploitation Cinema

An in-depth guide to the most known and loved stars of Bruceploitation. Bruce Li, Bruce Le and Dragon lee are undoubtedly the three kings of the genre, each having a long career in the film industry. It was however a career that ultimately came with a price, as they could never shake off the shadow of Bruce lee.

Bruce Li (Ho Chung-dao)

The first star to emerge from this new sub-genre was Taiwanese actor James Ho Chung-Dao, or as he would later be known to the world, Bruce Li.

Bruce Le (Huang Kin-Lung)

Following hot on the trail of Bruce Li was a former Shaw Brothers contract actor, Huang Kin-Lung, who later found worldwide fame as Bruce Le to follow the new trend.

Dragon Lee

Korea’s answer to the popularity of sub-genre, Dragon’s psychical fitness and over the top Bruce Lee mannerisms soon led to film offers.