Enter Another Dragon

The Lesser Known Stars of Bruceploitation

A guide to the often overlooked stars of the world of Bruceploitation. Although not as well-known as the three major Bruce Lee Clone actors, there have been others that have made a career out of impersonating The Little Dragon. Whilst some went on to have a more fruitful career away from ‘Bruceploitation’ movies, others have completely disappeared from the film industry.


One of the three doubles used to complete Game of Death and the ghost of Bruce Lee in No Retreat, No Surrender. He later went on to shine in his best role, Tower of Death…

Bruce Leung Siu-Lung

The Hong Kong born actor has had a long career outside of the Bruceploitation movies but starred in one of the most bizarre entries of sub-genre with The Dragon Lives Again.

Ramon Zamora

Popularly dubbed as the “Bruce Lee of the Philippines”, the late Filipino actor starred in a string of martial arts movies during the 1970s.

Rey Malonzo (Bruce Ly)

The second Pinoy Bruce Lee clone, who would later have a political career in the Philippines, starred in movies such as Chaku Master and They Call Him Bruce Lee..

Tong Lung

Not to be mistaken for Kim Tai-Jung, Tong Lung is the brother of Alexander Lo-Rei. Starred in Growling Tiger, the Bruceploitation sequel to Way of the Dragon

Chang Yi-Tao (Bruce Lai)

The Korean actor starred alongside Dragon Lee in Bruce Lee’s Ways of Kung Fu and made a brief move into Bruceploitation with Dragon On Fire.

Danny Lee Sau-Yin

Famous for his role opposite Chow Yun Fat in John Woo’s The Killer but as an upcoming star, Danny Lee was chosen by the Shaw Brothers studio to play Bruce Lee in the highly exploitative Bruce Lee and I…

Lung Tien-Hsiang (Shou Lung)

Taiwanese television star and former Shaw Brothers actor delved into Bruceploitation with True Game of Death and Bruce Against Snake in Eagles Shadow.

Kwak Mu Seong (Bruce Pak)

The Korean supporting actor got the chance to move into leading star in Return of Fist of Fury, the third of the Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu movies.

Jun Chong (Bruce K.L Lea)

Grandmaster Jun Chong’s entry into Bruceploitation came when his movie Visitor of America was re-titled as Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave by distributors.

Tadashi Yamashita (Bronson Lee)

Japanese-American martial arts instructor and actor, starred in the ‘Za Karate’ series of movies, titled in the west as Bronson Lee Champion

Albert Sham

Also known as Chen Ya Po. Reportedly a business man from Hong Kong who was chosen for his remarkable resemblance to Bruce Lee by Golden Harvest to be used to complete Game of Death. Can be seen in most of the close up scenes in the movie.

Nihat Yiğit

It wasn’t just Chinese cinema that tried to cash-in on Bruce Lee’s fame, Enter Nihat Yiğit – the Turkish Bruce Lee!

Henry Yu Yung (Bruce Ly)

Hong Kong actor Henry Yu Yung had a long career in kung fu movies and television before making a move to try and break into the American film market. Relaunching himself in the early 1990’s as Bruce Ly and starred in Open Fire and Chinatown Connection.

Bruce Lai (Real name unknown)

Bruce Lee number 3 in the Clones of Bruce Lee, he also starred Dragon On Fire.
UPDATE *** Real name now discovered, check back later for more further information.

Bruce Thai (Real name unknown)

The real identity of this actor is unknown. Starred in The Clones of Bruce Lee as ‘chuck’, the contact in the Philippines who helps bust up the drug smuggling operation. Can also be seen in the Jackie Chan rip-off movie, Fearless Hyena 3 (aka Fearless Master). 

Bruce Lei (Real name unknown)

Also credited as Steve Lee, this Indonesian actor starred starred in Cobra and Steel Fisted Dragon. No further information is known about this actor, including his real name or other acting roles.

Evan C. Kim

Known for his role in the fifth Dirty Harry movie, Dead Pool, along with a long list of television credits. “Kentucky Fried Movie” featured Evan in the comedy spoof of Enter the Dragon, “A Fistful of Yen”.

Johnny Yune

Johnny showcased his comedy skills as a stand-up comedian. This eventually led to his film debut in “They Call Me Bruce?”, and it’s sequel, “They Still Call Me Bruce”.

Jeon Yeong-Rok

The Korean actor donned the infamous yellow cat suit for his 1987 movie “The Great Ambition”.

If you have any further information on any of the actors featured or if you think there is anyone missing from this section, then please get in touch.