Deadly Strike 截拳奪命斬 (1978)

Country: Taiwan
Production Company
: Magnificent Tower Film Co.
Language: Mandarin 

Director: Huang Fei-Long
Leow Swee-Kim, Kan Yiu-Tung, Zhou Li-Feng
Action Director: 
Huang Fei-Long

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Chen Sing, Lung Fei, Tsai Hung, David Tang Wei, Chu Lai, Sham Chin-Bo, Tseng Chao…


  • Incredible Dragon (Working title)
  • Wanted! Bruce Li, Dead or Alive (USA)
  • Bruce Lee – Tag der blutigen Rache (Germany)


The arrival of the new Police Captain soon stirs things up for the current Police officers and also for the crime world. Captain Chang (Ho Chung-Tao) has the soul purpose to eliminate the gangster element. However, with very few capable men on the force, he enlists the help of the prisoners in exchange for their freedom and handpicks four of them, each with their own special skill. 

The first prisoner, Tai Kwei, is extremely strong, and was jailed for killing three men after they murdered his wife. The second, Lee Chi (or One-eye), a specialist with knives, killed a corrupt magistrate.  Wei Kung, known for  been crazy, sadistic, and talented with a whip, and the fourth prisoner is the thief Wang Chun.  Also desperate for revenge is one of the villagers, Miss Fei, and persuades the reluctant Captain into letting her join the mission.

The Captain tells the prisoners that the only condition during the mission is that nobody tries to escape, as those caught doing so will be punished by death.
Setting out on the mission, it is not long before they are attacked. After beating information out of one of the bandits, they discover where the leader is staying. 

Tensions are raised when one of the Prisoners attempt to escape and leaves the Captain with no choice but to hang him. When the guide and cook are murdered, the men begin to feel very uneasy about what lies ahead but most are unwilling to speak up to the Captain. 

Fooling their way into town, the plan works perfectly until one of the guards tries to force Miss Fei into going back with him. Wei Kung attempts to stop him but this blows his cover. The Captain refuses to allow the others to help, and it leads to Wei being killed.  As the group get closer to the bandits hideout and the number of men starting to decrease, it is uncertain if anyone will survive!


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