The database contains a detailed guide to the movies that are the definition of this sub-genre of Martial Arts cinema, popularly known as BRUCPLOITATION. From the unofficial sequels and remakes of the original Bruce Lee classics to the bio-pics that detail all aspects of his life and death. Some of the other movies that are featured here can not be necessarily be classified as Bruceploitation but feature Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee or may have been re-titled by distributors to make money on Bruce Lee’s popularity. Others may have scenes or actors that are inspired by Bruce Lee and his movies. The database covers them all and also the entire filmography of Bruce Lee; from his childhood movies in Hong Kong to the classics that made him a legend.

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With the financial success of Game of Death, Golden Harvest knew that there was still plenty of money to be made in the Bruce Lee name. A second film went into production that once again promoted Bruce Lee as the leading star. Although released as a sequel to Game of Death, the film has very little relation to it’s predecessor...


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