The Clones of Bruce Lee 神威三猛龍 (1979)

Country: Hong Kong
Production company: Filmline Enterprises & Spectacular Films
Language: Mandarin & English

Director: Joseph Kong Hung
Producer: Cheung Chung-Lung
Action Director: Bruce Le

Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Bruce Lai, Jon Benn, Chiang Tao, Bolo Yeung, Bruce Thai, Leung Siu-Wah


  • Bruce Lee – Seine Erben nehmen Rache (Germany)
  • La Saga De Bruce Lee (Spain)
  • Bruce Lee Il Volto Della Vendetta (Italy)
  • El Gigante Bruce Lee (South America)
  • 사형삼걸 Cobra Warriors (Korea)


When the Special Bureau of Investigations hear that superstar Bruce Lee has suddenly died, they contact Professor Lucas (John Benn). As a special mission, the SBI want the Professor to create Clones of the late kung fu star after taken a sample of his blood.

With his experiments working, the professor soon has three clones under his power. Bruce Lee number 1, 2 and 3, as he names them, all begin training in martial arts and are ready to undertake missions sent by the SBI.

Bruce number one (Dragon Lee) is giving the mission to stop a movie producer who has been smuggling gold. Number one works undercover as a actor at the studio and is a big hit with the crew after they witness his fighting skills. The producer however is suspicious of all strangers and doesn’t want to take any chances and makes a plan to have him killed in front of the cameras. Number One over hears the plan and is more than capable of handling the attack and stopping the producers Gold smuggling scheme.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s number two (Bruce Le) and three are sent to eliminate a Dr Ngai in Thailand. Arriving in Bangkok, the two Bruce’s are greeted by their contact Chuck (Bruce Thai) who helps out by busting Ngai’s Drug smuggling operation.

The Doctor manages to escape to his secret lab where he has been developing his latest experiment of turning human skin into bronze. The two Bruce’s track down the Doctors hideaway but before they can get to him, they must first deal with the bronze fighters.

Back in Hong Kong, the SBI congratulate Professor Lucas on creating the Clones. However, the professor takes the mere appreciation as more of a insult on what he calls his greatest discovery. The mad professor, corrupted by power, makes plans to use the clones for his own advantage and intends to turn them against each other to have only the best Clone as the survivor.


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Dragon Lee
Bruce Le
Bruce Lai
Jon Benn
Chiang Tao
Bolo Yeung
Bruce Thai
Leung Siu-Wah
Andy Hannah
Cheng Kei-Ying
Chow Kong
Ng Kit-Keung
Steve Mak Fei-Hung
Alexander Grand
Hugh McCrory
Godfrey Ho
Law Keung
Lai Sau-Kit
Ko Hung
Chung Wing
Cheng Kei-Ying
Tam Bo
Cheng Ka-Sang
To Siu-Ming
San Kuai
Poon Kin-Kwan
Chu Tak-Wai
Wong Chi-Wai
Joseph Kong Hung


Director: Joseph Kong Hung
Assistant Director: Godfrey Ho
Producer: Cheung Chung-Lung
Associate Producer: Dick Randall
Thailand Shooting Supervisor: Pracha Poonvivat
Distributor: Spectacular Films
Filming Locactions: Hong Kong, Thailand

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