Bruce Lee 李小龍

Born: 27th November, 1940 in San Francisco, California, USA.
Died: 20th July, 1973 in Kowloon, hong Kong.

Sometimes Credited as: Lee Jun Fan, Lee Siu-Lung



Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on November 27th, 1940 in the year of the Dragon. His father Li Hoi-Chuen, a Cantonese opera singer and film actor, and his mother Grace soon returned to Hong Kong shortly after Bruce’s birth. Before returning, Bruce got his first glimpse into the film industry when his father agreed to let him appear as a baby girl in the 1941 film “Golden Gate Girl”…



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Actor (31 Credits) 
The Golden Gate Girl1941
Wealth is Like a Dream1948
Xishi in the Dream1949
The Kid1950
A Mother’s Tears1953
A Myriad Homes1953
In the Face of Demolition1953
The Guiding Light1953
Blame it on Father1953
The Faithful Wife1955
The More the Merrier1955
Love – part 11955
Love – part 21955
An Orphan’s Tragedy1955
Orphan’s Song1955
Sweet Time Together1956
Too Late for Divorce1956
Darling Girl1957
The Green Hornet (TV)1966
Batman (TV)1967
Ironside (TV)1967
Here Come the Brides (TV)1969
Blondie (TV)1969
Longstreet (TV)1971
The Big Boss1971
Fist of Fury1972
The Way of the Dragon1972
Enter the Dragon1973
Game of Death1978
Tower of Death (Archive Only)1981
Director (2 Credits) 
The Way of the Dragon1972
Game of Death1978
Writer (3 Credits) 
The Way of the Dragon1972
The Silent Flute1978
Warrior (TV)2019
Producer (1 Credit) 
The Way of the Dragon1972
Action Director (4 Credits) 
The Wrecking Crew (Karate Advisor)1968
A Walk in the Spring Rain1970
The Way of the Dragon1972
Fist of Unicorn1973