Bruce Lee, We Miss You! 金色太陽 (1975)

Country: Taiwan
Production company: HK Alpha Motion Picture Co.
Language: Mandarin

Director: Lee Goon Cheung
Producers: Liu Hsiao-Ling, Jimmy Shaw Feng
Action Director:  – 

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Lung Fei, Ou-Yang Chong, Shan Mao, Ou-Yang HuiNg Ho


  • Golden Sun
  • Dragon Dies Hard  (UK)
  • The Dragon is Dead, Long Live the tiger (USA)
  • Tiger Claw Death Kick (UK VHS)
  • Bruce Lee – Er bleibt der Größte (Germany)
  • Qui a tué Bruce Lee? (France)
  • bruce lee Dünya Şampiyonu  (Turkey)
  • BRUS LI MI TI SE DIVIMO (Yugoslavia) 


Cheng Kuo-Tung (Ho Chung-Dao) has a great amount of respect for Bruce Lee and strives to be just like him in martial arts. When the news hits the papers that Bruce Lee has suddenly died, he finds it impossible to believe and decides to go out and drown his sorrows. Whilst sleeping off the alcohol, Kuo-Tung is visited that night by the ghost of Bruce Lee in a dream.

With the dream still on his mind, Kuo-Tung goes to a temple to see the monk Wo Ming to seek his advice. To prove that he has the skills to be able to fully investigate the death of Bruce Lee, the monk arranges a test against a group of his students, followed by a deep mediation. During the mediation session, he once again has a vision of Bruce Lee but this time, it is revealed that Bruce was badly wounded during a fight and that is why he later died.

Determined to find out the truth behind Bruce Lee’s death, Kuo-Tung starts his investigation by talking to some of Bruce’s friends. He is offered a bribe by gangsters to leave and forget about looking any further into the matter. When he refuses, they hold his brother Pao to try and make him change his mind.

Saving his brother from the gangs clutches, Kuo-Tung uses his likeness to Bruce Lee to scare those responsible into thinking that they are seeing a ghost seeking revenge and find out what really happened the night Bruce died.


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Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li)
Lung Fei
Shan Mao
Ou-Yang Hui
Ng Ho
Hei Ying
Wu Kuang
Fai Wan
Tang Chia-Chuan
Chang Fang-Hsia
Chen Pei-Ling
Chow Ming
Yeung Yee-Muk
Chow Jun
Chen Chin-Hai
Lam Chung
Ma Chiang
Lin Feng-Sheng


Director: Lee Goon Cheung
Liu Hsiao-Ling, Jimmy Shaw Feng
Action Director: 

Production Manager: 
Yuan Bin
Wang Rong
Special Effects: Lee Wan-Lung  
Sound Recording: Wong Wing-Fong
Editor: Wang Chi-Yang
Makeup: Ng Ming-Chun
Composer: Lee Lam, Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

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