Bruce Lee - True Story 李小龍傳奇 (1976)

Country: Hong Kong
Production company: The Eternal Film (H.K) Co.
Language: Mandarin

Director: Ng See-Yuen
Producer: Pal Ming
Action Director: Leung Siu-Chung

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Unicorn Chan, Chu Chi-Ling, David Chow, Fung Ging-Man, Alan Chui Chung-SanMars, Fung Hak-On


  • Bruce Lee The Man The Myth (International title)
  • Bruce Lee – Unbesiegt bis in den Tod (Germany)
  • La última aventura de Bruce Lee (Spain)
  • Bruce Lee supercampione (Italy)
  • La Vie fantastique de Bruce Lee (France)
  • La Verdadera Historia De Bruce Lee (South America)


The film opens with doctors desperately trying to save Bruce Lee from death. Following the credits we are taken back to 1958 in Hong Kong and Bruce is training with his master Yip Man before he leaves for America.

Now living in the States, Bruce makes friends quickly at the University and soon opens his first kung fu school. One day whilst helping out at a garage, two attackers from the local Karate school come and threaten the owner. Not able to just stand by and watch a friend get beaten up, Bruce soon sends them running straight to their master. In order to save the name of his school, the Karate Master Motoyaki goes to Bruce and challenges him to prove that Karate is much better than Kung fu.

Sometime later, Bruce travels to Longbeach, California to take part in a forthcoming tournament  and is soon cast in the tv series of The Green Hornet but is disheartened when his script for his own project is rejected. The producer tells him that American investors would not put money into a Chinese actor as a leading man. With this in mind, he goes back to Hong Kong.

Arriving at the airport, Bruce is welcomed by his friend who informs him that his show has become popular in Hong Kong. Bruce’s first priority is to start making movies and he is soon on the set of his first movie in Bangkok. Wanting to see if Bruce is really that good, the local Thai boxers challenge him. Bruce once again wins over the fighters and earns their respect as being a great martial artist.

By this time Bruce is now happily married with children and with the very successful release of The Big Boss, he is soon recognized on the street.  To keep in top shape and his skills sharp, Bruce uses some radical electric equipment in his training routine. With fame comes even more tests to Bruce’s kung fu skills, whether it be from kung fu masters, or on the set of one of his movies, he proves that he is more than capable of taking on any challengers.


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Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li)
Unicorn Chan
Chiu Chi-Ling
David Chow
Fung Ging-Man
Alan Chui Chung-San
Sham Chin-Bo
Fung Hak-On
Leung Siu-Chung
Fong Yuen
Yip Chun
Roberta Ciappi
Mario Viediano
Donnie Williams
Chung Chan-Chi
Lynda Hirst
Koo Ming
Gam Tin-Chue
Lee Hoi-Sang
Lau Kwok-Shing
Chan Chue
Richard Cheung Kuen
Siu Yuk-Lung
Mark Metekingi
Douglas Wong
Carl Scott
Everett Eddy
Leo Whang
Yuen Biao
Man Ngai-Tik
Bill Lake
Choi Seux Sing


Director: Ng See-Yuen
Producer: Pal Ming
Action DirectorLeung Siu-Chung
Script: Ng See-Yuen
Assistant Directors: Law Man, Hoh Tin-Shing, Tung Liu.
Planning: Woo Wan-Ping
Lighting: Lin Wei
Composer: Stanley Chow Fook-Leung