Bruce Lee - The Star of All Stars 天皇巨星 (1976)

Country: Taiwan
Production company: Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture Co.
Language: Mandarin

Director: Lee Tso-Nam
Producer: Jimmy Shaw Feng 
Action Director: Lung Fei, Shan Mao

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Chang Yi, Lung Fei, Shan Mao, An Ping, Kam KongChao Hsiao-ChunKong Sam-Yi


  • Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger (International title)
  • Abschied von der Todeskralle (Germany)
  •  Esce Il Drago Entra La Tigre (Italy)
  • Salut Bruce Lee Bonjour le Tigre (France)
  • Sale El Dragon, Entra El Tigre (Spain)
  • ブルース・リーを探せ!  (Japan)


Shortly after returning to Singapore, Tang Lung (Ho Chung-Dao) is shocked to learn that his close friend Bruce Lee has suddenly died. Only days before he visited Bruce on the set of his movie where he was acting unusual.  To investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Bruce’s death, Tang Lung decides to go to Hong Kong.

On his arrival to Hong Kong, Tang Lung meets up with his reporter friend who has his own suspicions on how Bruce died. On the night of his death, Bruce’s  body was found in the apartment of his mistress Betty. Following his death, Betty attempted to commit suicide and is now in hospital but is in possession of a recorded conversation in which a gang boss, known as the Baron, tried to persuade Bruce into into carrying drugs for them. 

Tang Lung realises that Betty is the key to finding out the truth about the night Bruce died and tricks his way into seeing her at the hospital. Just as he arrives, the Baron’s right-hand man, Lung Fei, is also trying to get the location of the tape. 

With the incompetence of his men to get the tape from Betty, the Baron himself comes to sort out the matter. 
Tang Lung battles with the gangsters but must take on the Baron himself in his quest to find out the the real reason behind Bruce Lee’s death and fulfil his promise he made; “if i die, find out why”…


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Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li)
Chang Yi
Lung Fei
Shan Mao
An Ping
Kam Kong
Chao Hsiao-Chun
Kong Sam-Yi
Ma Chi-Chun
Cheng Fu-Hung
Ko Hsiao-Pao
Lu Shih
Ma Chiang
Chi Fu-Chiang
Chen Shen-Lin
Hei Ying
Cheng Yen-Chen
Wang Fei
Pao Kuo-Liang
Siu Man-Hung
Lam Chung
Lung Fong
Sham Chin-Bo
Chin Liu
Lee Fat-Yuen


Director: Lee Tso-Nam
Producer: Jimmy Shaw Feng 
Action Director: Lung Fei, Shan Mao
Script: Cheung San-Yee
Production Manager
: On Sang
Cinematographer: Yip Cheng-Biu
Sound Recordist: Wong Ping
Editor: Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
Make-up: Kang Hai-Lun
Composer: Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

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