Blind Fist of Bruce 盲拳鬼手 (1979)

Country: Hong Kong
Production company: Kam Bo Motion Picture Co.
Language: Cantonese

Director: Luk Bong
Producer: Luk Shiu-Yee
Action Director: Liu Hok-Ming

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Simon Yuen Siu-Tin, Chiang Tao, Tiger Yang Cheng-Wu, Meg Lam Kin-Ming…


  • Wir sind die größten Knochenbrecher (Germany)
  • Le Poing fatal de Bruce (France)
  •  El Puño Ciego de Bruce (Spain)


Master Ying owns the towns bank and thinks of himself as a martial arts expert. Unknown to Ying, his two instructors are bribing his opponents so he can beat them. When the bank is robbed for real, he is unable to beat the crooks, and begins to think that his fighting technique taught by his instructors is useless.

Responsible for the robbery is Ho Fu-Wei, a expert in Leopard Fist, who soon moves on to exploiting and harassing the towns people by forcing them to pay protection money. After learning some new styles from his instructors, Ying makes another attempt at fighting Ho and his men but is once again defeated. This time Fu-Wei doesn’t let Ying get away so easily, and forces him to sign over the bank and leave town.

Deciding to fire his useless teachers, Ying then asks a blind street performer to teach him after witnessing how easily he defeated Fu-Wei’s men. Refusing to take him as his student, it is not until he realizes how determined Ying that the old man changes his mind and decides to teach him. After a few months of training, Ying returns to town to claim revenge on Fu-Wei, and using his new skills, he is now able to defeat him easily. Not excepting defeat, Fu calls up his brother Tiger for help.

When Tiger arrives in town, he battles with Ying. Even with his newly learnt skills, Ying is not able to win against Tiger, and returns to his master for guidance. After a discussion, his blind teacher reveals to Ying that Tiger is one of his former students who turned bad. Seeing how much the bandits are turning the town upside down, Ying and his teacher decide to fight back and run them all out of town once and for all.


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Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li)
Chiang Tao
Tiger Yang Cheng-Wu
Meg Lam Kin-Ming
Pak Sha-Lik
Chan Lau
Wong Kwok-Leung
Mang Ding-Goh
Cheung Mei-Lian
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan
Liu Hok-Ming
Chiang Cheng
Chan Leung
Woh Seung
Wan Ling-Kwong
Ng Kit-Keung
Mai Kei
Cheung Chok-Chow
Ho Pak-Kwong
Hui Ying-Ying
Lam Hak-Ming
Nam Wai
Lam Tit-Ching
Queenie Kong Hoh-Yan


Director: LUK BONG 
Producer: Luk Shiu-Yee
Action Director: Liu Hok-Ming
Script: Ng Sek, Yeung Wai
Cinematographer: Danny Lee Yau-Tong
Production Manager: Robert Chan Law-Bat
Sound Recordist: Chang Hua
Art Director: Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai
Editor: Tong Kong-Yan
Lighting: Sung Fu-Gan
Makeup: Choi Siu-Chan
Props: Chiu Chun
Composer: Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren