Conspiracy 詭計 (1974)

Country: Taiwan
Production company: Da chin Film Co.
Language: Mandarin

Director: Hon Bo-Cheung
Producer:  Ku Chai-Hing
Action Director: Ng Tung-Kiu

Pai Ying, Chi Lan, Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Lin Chi, Ko Hsiao-Pao, Wan Chung-Shan, Tsao Chien…


  • Enter the Panter (USA)


A struggle to gain control of a gold mine begins when the owner Ho Kwai-Shan is poisoned. His daughter Yu-Ling is staying with her uncle at his martial arts school and was due to return home. Just before she leaves, the masters son, Sha Yu-Lung, returns home to teach at his a fathers school. Sha is given the task of taking Yu-Ling home but is stopped mid journey by her uncles and Yu-Ling continue her journey with them.

Sha arrives at Yu-Ling’s home to make certain that she returned safely but he discovers that she still hasn’t arrived. 
Unaware that her father is dead,  her Uncles claim to be taking her to see him but are actually the ones responsible for his death. Working for they eldest brother, Master Lee, the man plan to also poison her on her before she can stake any claims on the gold mine. Luckily, Sha and the younger sister of the Lee family arrive before they can take action.

Master Lee wants Yu-Ling to marry with his younger brother but when she refuses, they attempt to force her. When Sha learns of the news, he must fight his way through to protect her once again. Grateful for all his help, Sha and Yu-Ling become more than friends, which upsets the sister of Master Lee as she has also grown fond of Sha.

Realizing that her fathers death was far from natural causes, an exclamation is held to find out the truth behind Ho Kwai-Shan’s  death. However, the desperate Master Lee is willing to do anything to stop it from happening and keep his secret from being revealed…