Bruce's Fingers 龍拳精武指 (1976)

Country: Hong Kong
Production company: United Cine-Production Enterprises
Language: Mandarin

Director: Joseph Kong Hung
Producer: Joseph Kong Hung
Action Director: Cheng Kei-Ying, Wong Mei

Starring: Bruce Le, Lo Lieh, Chan Wai-Man, Nora Miao, Nick Cheung Lik, Yuen Man-Tzu, Wong Shun-Leung…


  • Bruce’s Deadly Fingers
  • The Young Dragon (USA)
  • Die Pranke des Leoparden (Germany)
  • Los Dragones Del Sol (Spain)
  • Un Justicier dans Hong Kong (France)
  • Il Colpo Segreto Di Bruce Lee (Italy)
  • 龍門秘指  (China)
  • ไอ้นิ้วมังกรฟ้า (Thailand)


Huang Hsiao-Lung (Bruce Le) returns to Hong Kong from America to inherit a finger kung fu book left to him by his master, the late superstar Bruce Lee. He finds that whilst he has been away his mother has died and his sister has been forced to become a prostitute to pay for her boyfriends debts. The invaluable kung fu finger book has been kept safe by old Kwok but he has since disappeared. 

In a search to find old Kwok and the finger kung fu book, Hsiao-Lung goes to Master Wong but the teacher is unwilling to help him and suggests that he should let the law take care of the matter.

Gangster Lee Hung (Lo Lieh) has long been obsessed with mastering Bruce Lee’s famous finger kung fu technique and would be willing to do anything to get his hands on the book that teaches it’s secrets. He is postiive that Hsiao-Lung could lead him to the whereabouts of the book and so he gets his men to kidnap Hsiao-Lung‘s sister and his friend Nina. Hsiao-Lung must rush to rescue both Nina and his sister and also find the book before Lee Kung and his men find it.

An agent from Interpol has a personal score to settle with Lee Kung and is keen to see him brought down and enlists the help of Hsiao-Lung to gather evidence against him and see him brought to justice.  It is only with Bruce Lee’s finger kung fu techniquies that he will stand any chance of defeating Lee Hung and his swarms of expert kung fu fighters.


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Bruce Le
Chan Wai-Man
Lo Lieh
Nora Miao
Nick Cheung Lik
Yuan Man-Tzu
Wong Shun-Leung
Bolo Yeung
Tong Tin-Hei
Chiang Tao
Fung Ging-Man
Chiu Chi-Ling
Tong Kam-Tong
Johnny Koo Kwok-Wah
Leung Siu-Wah
Hao Li-Jen
Lee Chiu
Mang Ding-Goh
Lam Ching-Ying
Chiu Mei-Bo
Wong Jing-Jing
Zheng Lou-Si
Wong Kim-Fung
Wong Kwok-Leung
Au Shu-Cham
Wai Lit
Nam Wai
Wan Ling-Kwong
Fong Yue
Poon Kin-Kwan
Wong Chi-Keung
Chin Yuet-Sang
Wan Fat
Ho Kei-Cheong
San Sin
Lee Fat-Yuen
Chik Ngai-Hung


Director: Joseph Kong Hung
Producer: Joseph Kong Hung
Executive Producer: Liu En-Ze
Action Directors: Cheng Kei-Ying, Wong Mei
Script: Joseph Kong Hung, Woo Wan-Ping
Production Manager: Leung Wing-Yim