Bruce Lee in New Guinea 蛇珠 (1978)

Country: Hong Kong
Production company: Hai Hua Cinema Company
Language: Mandarin

Director: Yang Chi-Yao
Producer: Keung Chung-Ping
Action Director: Wong Mei

Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li), Chen Sing, Dana, Larry Lee Gam-Kwan, Nick Cheung Lik, BOLO YEUNG,  Lee Hoi-Sang, SAN KUAI,  Addy Sung Gam-Loi


  • Bruce Li in New Guinea
  • Last Fist of Fury (USA)
  • Bruce Lee in Snake Island
  • Das Geheimnis der Todesschlange (Germany)
  • Big Boss à Bornéo (France)
  • L’ Oeil du Cobra (France)


Anthropologist Wan Li (Ho Chung-Dao) and his friend Cheun Sing (Larry Lee) are fascinated by a place in New Guinea known as the Snake Worship Island.  The island is ruled by the Devil Sect, specialists in the Snake style kung fu and evil magic. Rumours of a scarred and valuable snake pearl also attract other explorers wanting to steal it for themselves.

The previous chief of the snake people was a good man but following his death, the Devil Sect’s great Wizard (Chen sing) has taken over and left the old chief’s daughter, Princess Wan Kar Wei, powerless against the new Chief’s evil tricks.

Once on the the island, Wan and Cheun hire two guides to lead them but are soon attacked by men from the Devil Sect. During the fight, Wong Lee goes missing and Cheun is forced to leave the island without him.

One year later, Li’s family receive news that he has been found and is returning home. However, when he does arrive, Wan acts strange towards his family and girlfriend. Wan confides in Cheun Sing of what happened to him when they were separated on the island. He reveals that he fought with the great Wizard and was poisoned by his deadly attack. On the brink of death, he was saved by the Princess and nursed back to health. Grateful for all her help, Wan and the Princess grew closer and fell in love. 

With his skills no match for the great wizard, Wan must find a way to defeat his deadly snake Kung Fu before he can return to the Snake Worship Island and save the Princess.


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